I think through this concept every Friday and Sunday as I plan my schedule and work for the upcoming week.

Money. Plenty out there to go get.

Material items. We probably all have more than we need to live and be happy.

Friends. I bet we all wish we could drop a few of these. :-)

Time. Nope. Never. We will never, ever be able to get more time. It is set in stone.

Think about this. Every time you check your texts. Every time you check email, work chat, your phone. Every time you let…

Succeeding in today’s highly competitive marketplace requires a keen understanding of your business objectives and the ability to resist the latest marketing fads. Unfortunately, some business owners still make decisions based on opinions and intuition, which can do more harm than good for a business. Below is a look at the top marketing mistakes made by business owners and executives along with five steps to help you avoid these pitfalls.

What are the top marketing mistakes made by business owners?

Marketing mistakes seem to share a common thread: they are often the result of business owners making uneducated decisions about their marketing platforms. …

You’re an entrepreneur. You have a great idea, and the product tests show that masses of customers agree. You begin your business with substantial investments. And yet, after an initial groundswell of support, the business fails.

You’ve been running your business for 10+ years. But somehow, at some point, you’ve hit a wall. Market share is plateauing, and even beginning to drop. You cannot get beyond that ‘small business’ label.

What happened?

The truth is that the answer can differ widely. After all, there is a reason that 70 percent of businesses fail to make it past the introductory stages…

Ignoring something doesn’t make it go away. When it comes to LinkedIn, it just means you’re missing out on a significant opportunity.

Sales in 2019 is not business as usual. Far from it. In fact, it might just be the opposite. When you miss out on a potential sales channel, your competition will take advantage. They carve out a niche, and you lose out.

Nobody wants that to happen. And that’s exactly why your sales team cannot afford to ignore LinkedIn. Yes, it’s just another channel. But used right, it might just become THE channel for you. …

The demand for digital marketers has exploded, with the United States projected to approach $120 billion on digital marketing spending by the year 2021. As this growth continues, an increasing number of digital marketers are struggling to maintain a firm grasp on the latest industry developments. There are so many moving parts in the digital marketing realm that it can feel like an insurmountable task to remain abreast of all of the emerging channels and software advances. The key to maintaining a competitive edge in the digital marketing industry is to continually educate yourself so you can always put your…

Trust me; I know the feeling.

You have this killer new website that’s flush with neat features, great aesthetics, and an amazing UX. But, you’re stuck.

After pouring all of your resources into this website, you still don’t have any traffic!

Why is that?

Here’s the thing — a website is a teeny-tiny piece of the traffic equation. I don’t care if you’ve built (or had built) the single best, most intuitive, customer-centric, flashy, and smooth website on the planet. It’s not going to magically suck tons of traffic into your pipeline.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Sure, a…

Higher revenue. Less time spent chasing down dead-end leads. Shorter sales cycles. These are just a few of the many benefits that Account Based Marketing (ABM) delivers. Today’s salespeople have tools and platforms to drive relationships to new heights using ABM. With this juicy collection of benefits, ABM should be a salesperson’s dream right now.

In spite of these advantages, less than 40% of surveyed businesses use ABM as a primary marketing strategy. Many sales and marketing teams still have no idea how ABM works and other organizations are unaware of the many benefits it delivers. …

Marketing, especially digital marketing, is a game of rules. The web is littered with best practices and how-to guide that follow established structures. Set your goal, find your audience, and build your tactics. Start with your subject line, and end with a call to action. Use actionable language and remove buyer’s journey friction.

I’m not saying that any of these strategies are wrong. Plenty of companies have found lots of success in following them to the T. That doesn’t mean you have to.

Hear me out. Especially in marketing, which is both creative and strategic, rules should be fluid. For…

Why should you take a long look at your current marketing strategy?

“Companies that fail to create a marketing strategy are destined to either fail or struggle indefinitely. However, just because you create a strategy does not guarantee success.”

- Steve Olenski, CMO Network and Forbes Contributor

A successful marketing strategy can catapult your business to industry stardom. On the flip side, a dated or ineffective marketing strategy can leave your business sputtering while your competitors blow by you in the fast lane. As the owner or marketing director of small business or start-up, it is up to you to make sure that you are spending your marketing dollars wisely. In our…

Branding is a big deal. You already know this; I know this. But, the way that the marketing industry currently positions branding is a little strange. It’s all about your company, your products, your logos, your colors, etc. Or, to put it simply, it’s all about what the big guys are doing. Coca-Cola basically bought Christmas. Sweet! That’s how branding works right?

Well, sometimes. But, think about Amazon, Tesla, and Microsoft. When you think about Tesla, do you really think about electric cars or their sweet logo? Or, are you thinking about Elon Musk?

The CEO handles a ton of…

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