What Exactly is ABM and Why Do You Need It?

What is ABM and how does it work?

“Account based marketing is more targeted and personalized versus spray and pray, where you’re just trying to capture anyone in your net. You’re being very specific about who you want to talk with, and it’s a way for sales and marketing to align on the target.”

- Meagen Eisenberg, CMO, MongoDB

1) Make a list of valuable accounts

2) Identify the key players with each account

3) Develop targeted campaigns

4) Determine preferred communication channels

5) Develop a strategy

6) Launch your campaigns

7) Measure your results

Why does your organization need ABM?

1) You will enjoy an impressive ROI

“Four out of five B2B marketers believe that the ROI of ABM is higher than that of other marketing initiatives. Further, only 3% of B2B marketers found the ROI of account-based marketing to be lower than the ROI of broad-based marketing. On the other side, 44% of ABM practitioners said their ABM investment returns were much higher than returns with previous marketing approaches.”

- Jared Dodson, ABM Leader and Marketing Strategist at Lenati

2) Your sales cycles will shorten

3) Your teams will engage more with key accounts

4) You will waste less time

5) Your sales-marketing alignment will improve

“To break down walls between sales and marketing, ABM is pretty close to a silver bullet in that it aligns programs’ dollars and focus behind the accounts that the sales team cares about…It’s most effective when deployed as part of a comprehensive set of targeting strategies.”

- Dave Karel, Head of B2B Marketing, LinkedIn Solutions

6) You will build trust among customers and prospects

7) Your team members will buy into ABM

“We were able to partner and deliver quick wins on our pilot programs with some of my top reps which built trust and proved out ABM’s ability to achieve an impressively high ROI. Given the success, we were able to quickly scale and extend ABM across the entire Enterprise sales team from technology, processes, tactics, and headcount resources. The Enterprise sales team is now sold on ABM.”

- Dan Lovette — VP Sales OpenDNS (now CIsco)

8) Customer satisfaction will be higher

The Bottom Line



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