Warning! You’re Losing Money by Not Using Conversion Rate Optimization

What is a Conversion?

  • A visitor completing a purchase or subscribing to a service.
  • Filling in a form to request a quote or additional information.
  • Signing up for an account or joining an email list.
  • Adding a product to the shopping cart.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

Why Should You Care About CRO?

CRO Best Practices & Tools

Personalize the Visitor Experience

  • 65% of visitors will buy from a retailer who’s familiar with their purchase history.
  • 58% of people will purchase when they get preference and past-purchase based recommendation.
  • 65% of people are more likely to buy when promotions are personalized and relevant.

Provide Visitors with Answers

  • 85% of the study’s respondents said they’d rather use ChatBot during a routine transaction.
  • 100% of those interviewed said that if a ChatBot made finding answers easier and faster they’d use it.
  • 100% agree that ChatBots are most useful when they incorporate a contextual understanding of the visitor’s problem and pain points.

Implement User-Generated Content

  • 25% of people say they’ve bought a product after seeing it in user-generated content.
  • 56% say they’re more likely to buy if the UGC was positive and relatable to them.
  • 52% of respondents say that the most appealing form of UGC is photos either on social media, product pages, or a company’s website.

Optimize the Checkout Experience

  • 60% of respondents say they’ve abandoned a cart because of extra costs like sales tax, shipping, and other fees. This is especially the case when those added costs aren’t made clear.
  • 37% say they’ve abandoned a cart because the website required them to create an account to check out.
  • 28% of people abandoned a cart because the checkout process was either too complicated or took too long.

Essential CRO Tools

  • Hotjar — This tool creates heat maps of how your visitors interact with your website. You can see what areas they’re spending time in, what they’re clicking on, and where you’re losing them. It also includes polls that can ask visitors open-ended questions about what they want, or why they decided not to purchase.
  • Optimizely — A/B testing is an essential activity that allows you to test variations of your campaigns to see which converts better. Although this tool is geared towards enterprise clients with bigger budgets, if you can swing it, it’s worth the money for all its features and ease of use. If you can’t, working with an agency with the means is the next best thing.
  • Verify — Gaining feedback from customers isn’t just important, it’s imperative. This tool allows you to build surveys and keep an eye on the way visitors click around while on your site. With thousands of enrolled testers, it’s a better feedback system than any beta testing. Real-time reports organize all the insights so you can take action and improve your conversion rates.
  • GTMetrix — If your pages are slow to load, you’re going to lose visitors before they ever get to the conversion point. With this tool, you can not only test your page speed, but you’ll also get in-depth instructions on how to fix any issues. It’s more powerful and useful than Google’s Page Speed Insights and offers more actionable solutions as well.
  • PollDaddy — Surveys and polls are a great way to find out what your customers are thinking and how they perceive your products, services, and your website. This tool will not only help you create surveys and polls, but also provides reporting and filtering tools. Responses can be sent to your email address, website, or even your mobile device so it’s also extremely convenient.

Successful CRO



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