I think through this concept every Friday and Sunday as I plan my schedule and work for the upcoming week.

Money. Plenty out there to go get.

Material items. We probably all have more than we need to live and be happy.

Friends. I bet we all wish we could drop a few of these. :-)

Time. Nope. Never. We will never, ever be able to get more time. It is set in stone.

Think about this. Every time you check your texts. Every time you check email, work chat, your phone. Every time you let any of these things interrupt your workflow, your thoughts, your lunch, you are giving away the one thing you will never, ever get back.

Why do we feel compelled to let this happen? Why don’t we prioritize ourselves, our actual work to be done and our own sanity above all else?

For me it was a habit I carried over from corporate America. It was also a little guilt because so many people would criticize me for not answering their call, replying to email within five seconds, seeing their text in what they deemed to be a timely manner.

Once COVID hit I realized how much time I was giving to everyone else. I realized that the rat race and other people’s impatience (including my own) just are not worth it.

It is still an uphill battle. I fight me vs me everyday to not get caught up in everyone else’s expectations of how I spend my time, what meetings I attend or how limited my availability is.

My stress levels are 10x lower. My work sessions are 10x more productive. My time wasted on unnecessary tasks and meetings is 10x less.

Think about it. Don’t you owe it to yourself to stop giving away the one thing you can never, ever get more of in your life?

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