6 Great Articles About Digital Marketing in 2019

1. Forbes: 5 Marketing Trends To Pay Attention To In 2019 — John Hall

2. Digital Marketing Depot: The Secret Formula For A Marketing Budget — Lou Covey

3. Social Media Explorer: Top 12 Social Media Marketing Tools For 2019 — Adam Torkildson

  • SEMrush: This SEO tool allows marketing teams to understand their current SEO situation and to identify how they can improve their SERP position.
  • Canva: An easy-to-use design tool with free templates and images that have been pre-sized. It allows companies to quickly edit content to perfectly fit the various social platforms’ size and quality requirements.
  • BuzzSumo: This tool allows businesses to search for various topics. The results page then provides information on how much social media attention the topic is receiving and identifies keywords, ideas, and events that have been attracting buzz. Companies can then use this to create content about ideas that are trending.
  • MeetEdgar: A post scheduling tool that allows users to schedule re-shares so that a larger portion of a brand’s audience sees the content.
  • Buffer: This tool is a dashboard that can manage multiple accounts in one place, as well as offering useful collaboration tools for digital marketing teams.
  • Typito: This tool allows marketers to create video content that fits into every social platform. The editing tools are intuitive and allow users to drag and drop video, images, captions, music, and more.
  • Quuu: While Quuu does allow marketing teams to schedule posts, it is also a source for sharing and discovering content that can be repurposed and re-shared.
  • Post Planner: This tool does much more than just schedule posts. It also analyzes a brand’s audience to identify the topics that will create the most interest, as well as helping companies source the content that they are looking for.
  • SocialDrift: This Instagram tool combines AI and machine learning to help brands identify who their target audience is and then automate interactions with those individuals to help build an organic following.
  • Planable: This is a tool that was built for large teams and works especially well for teams that have marketers who are working remotely. It has every collaboration feature imaginable and it provides a space for creating post-mock-ups.
  • Unsplash: This is a resource of free, high-quality stock images.
  • Sendible: This is ideal for teams that are working on multiple platforms and possibly even have multiple accounts on each platform. It creates a unique inbox for each account for comprehensive organization and oversight. It offers intuitive collaboration tools and a content engine that provides suggestions based on each platform account and its followers.

4. Jeff Bullas: 3 Ways Blockchain Is Disrupting The Digital Marketing Space

5. Smart Insights: How Voice Search Is Rocking The Foundations Of Digital Marketing — Kag Katumba

6. Digiday: Marketers Cool On VR, Shift Focus To AR — Seb Joseph



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