13 Smart Tools to Increase Your Productivity for a Marketing Manager

Every marketing manager knows the feeling. It’s Monday morning and they walk into their office, sit down at their desk, and turn on their computer. That’s all it takes for the barrage of notifications, messages, and updates to come in. Company leadership wants to push a campaign in a new direction. Social media comments need to be addressed. A news story broke over the weekend that is relevant to your industry — reactionary or editorial content should be created to address it. In other words, no week ever goes as planned. In fact, no day ever goes as planned.

Any schedule or structure that a workday is supposed to follow has to be adjusted on an hourly basis. In the middle of a project? You’ll likely be interrupted by an urgent marketing task that must be completed.

This is where marketing tools come in. As a marketing manager, there is a long list of tools that are currently available to use. Some automate various processes. Others assist with collaboration across the marketing team. The trouble with identifying the right tools for the marketing department is sifting through the endless options — in other words, it’s one more task for you to get through today or tomorrow or the next day. To help expedite this process, here is a list of some of the smartest marketing tools out there to help increase your productivity as a marketing manager, as well as your team’s.

1. Teamwork Projects

2. Feedly

3. OmniFocus

4. Evernote

5. Buffer

6. Zapier

7. SEMRush

8. Brand24

9. BuzzSumo

10. Answerthepublic

11. Canva

12. Ahrefs

13. Hubspot

The right software can be an invaluable tool for any marketing manager. It allows you to concentrate on the highest value tasks and leave the rest to a machine. This means higher productivity and more successful outcomes.

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