10 Common Marketing Blunders and How to Avoid Them

1) Inundating customers with too many emails

2) Creating content that is not interesting or relevant to your audience

  • Make sure your content is original
  • Use images and video to engage your audience
  • Report data and statistics accurately
  • Update your website and blog on a regular basis

3) Choosing subject titles that are dull or impersonal

  • Being too wordy: Less than 10% of people will open an email with a subject title that is more than 20 words
  • No personalization: Subject titles that are not personalized are 22% less likely to be opened than those that are customized
  • Including “Fw”: Emails with subject lines containing “fw” were read 17% less than those that did not appear to be forwarded
  • No sense of urgency: Subject titles that do not create a sense of urgency are opened 22% less than those that do

4) Using poor quality images

5) Promising free products that you are unable to deliver

6) Employing shady marketing tactics

  • Keyword stuffing, or using the same words or phrases over and over again in an article in an effort to improve SEO
  • Article spinning, or changing a few words periodically in an existing article and presenting it as your own content
  • Scraping, or taking content from one site to use on another to attract traffic

7) Failing to stay abreast of the latest industry trends

8) Failing to proofread your content

  • When trying to promote its Angus Burger, a McDonald’s restaurant in Hartford Connecticut advertised an “Anus Burger”
  • While trying to appeal to millions of voters, Mitt Romney misspelled America (spelling it “Amercia”) on his mobile app
  • Clothing giant H&M misspells the word “genius” on a newly released t-shirt

9) Sending emails to the wrong audience segment

10) Failing to monitor your marketing campaigns

Your quick reference guide to avoiding major marketing blunders

  • Avoid inundating your customers with too many e-mails
  • Know your audience and ensure that content is valuable to them
  • Include an expiration date or “while supplies last” footer on all special offers
  • Make sure to check your inventory before offering freebies
  • Use a headline analyzer to choose subject titles that are personalized, interesting, and relevant
  • Steer clear of Black Hat marketing tactics
  • Stay on top of current marketing trends by networking, attending trade shows, and setting up Google alerts
  • Be sure that you are sending promotions to the proper audience segment
  • Always have at least two people proofread any and all content before distributing it to customers
  • Monitor your marketing campaigns to assess their effectiveness



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